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-## DAVIANA mascot:
+## DAVIANA logo and mascots:
DAVIANA is a new generic mascot that replace the Beastie daemon mascot,
-It's a human girl, with blue and white dress and serving a water drink.
+It's a human girl, with cyan and white dress and serving a water drink.
+* On DyfB*S-FreeIce uses DAVIANA mascot,
+ with ice cubes on the drink.
+* On DyfBOS-LightNet logo, is the same with opposing color,
+ the red-orange to cyan-blue (#f26711 -> #119cf2) and uses
+ DAVIANA mascot with the flag on the drink.
+* On DyfBOS-LibreAqua, Puffy will be renamed to Puffree,
+ without spines and replace with opposing color,
+ the yellow to blue (#fff68e -> #8f98ff) or
+ uses DAVIANA mascot with the Puffree inside in the drink.
+* On DyfBOS-AirBird mascot, will be use generic bird with cyan color,
+ or uses DAVIANA mascot with the generic bird.