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@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@ All fully free OS and kernel gain with a new names, like:
All the names's a recursive acronym, like:
* DS4LiBSD (DS4LiBSD's scripts for liberate BSDs.)
-* DyfBOS (DyfBOSD's full"Y" "F"ree "B"erkeley "O"perating "S"ystem.)
-* DyfBKS (DyfBKSD's full"Y" "F"ree "B"erkeley "K"ernel "S"oftware.)
+* DyfBOS (DyfBOS's full"Y" "F"ree "B"erkeley "O"perating "S"ystem.)
+* DyfBKS (DyfBKS's full"Y" "F"ree "B"erkeley "K"ernel "S"oftware.)
* The initial letter "D" mean DAVIANA.
* DAVIANA (DAVIANA's "A" ser"VI"ce "A"nd "N"ot d"A"emon.)