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2018-05-23drain: Don't try to extract file flagsLuke Shumaker
2018-01-29I'm a dummy; I mixed up holo's resource dir and libdirLuke Shumaker
2018-01-29Only use the holo-files pluginLuke Shumaker
2018-01-29first attempt at supporting new things from holo and systemdLuke Shumaker
2017-01-31The move from $workdir/etc to $workdir/chroot/etc confused old installs.Luke Shumaker
2017-01-28Fix remaining issues with holo integration.Luke Shumaker
2017-01-28initial fix of obvious problemsLuke Shumaker
2017-01-28Initial commit of holo-files integration.Luke Shumaker
2016-12-30Refactor to be friendlier with OpenRC; expand README.Luke Shumaker