AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-03add "latest" in versionsHEADmasterDavid P
2019-12-05Add versions/5.4David P
2019-10-20Add versions/5.3David P
2019-05-19Add versions/5.1David P
2019-03-09add versions/5.0David P
2019-02-22Re-enable CONFIG_DRM_{AMDGPU,RADEON} in configs (requested by some users)David P
2019-02-16enable CONFIG_MOUSE_ELAN_I2C on supported Parabola kernel versionsDavid P
2019-01-06Add versions/4.20David P
2018-11-28Add versions/4.19David P
2018-08-30update and versions/4.18David P
2018-08-23Update run.shDavid P
2018-08-224.18 initial releaseDavid P
2018-06-24add reset optionDavid P
2018-06-23improve to be readable in cgit and gitlabDavid P
2018-06-23update README.mdDavid P
2018-06-23fix reset sed expDavid P
2018-06-23update scriptDavid P
2018-06-224.17 initial releaseDavid P
2018-06-05add CONFIG_INTEL_MEI_TXEDavid P
2018-06-05small fixDavid P
2018-06-05Remove CONFIG_BT_HCIBTUSBDavid P move Copyright message under the descriptionDavid P change way to manage errorsDavid P add fancy load() functionDavid P
2018-05-27versions: add explanation about CONFIG_BT_BCM and CONFIG_CHELSIO_T3David P
2018-05-27add CONFIG_R8822BEDavid P
2018-05-23Add versions/{4.14,4.9}David P
2018-05-20Update README.mdDavid P add path variableDavid P
2018-05-19add CONFIG_SND_SSCAPE to versions/4.16David P
2018-05-19small fixes to run.shDavid P
2018-05-19Add script, and versions directoryDavid P
2018-05-18Initial importDavid P