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2011-03-03apply indentation with tabs everywhereDieter Plaetinck
2010-12-05make AIF track needed filesystem packagesDieter Plaetinck
2010-04-18implement consistent/generic, more stable {en,de}coding of fs_params and fs_o...Dieter Plaetinck
2010-03-02noteDieter Plaetinck
2009-03-13uniformize variable handling automatic procedure, change the package related ...Dieter Plaetinck
2009-02-14removing unofficial dir. serves no purpose anymoreDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-20todo updatesDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-20cleaned up ddeploy and start making example configDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-20softcode architecture + some small misc stuff in yaourt libDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-20first move towards making my deployment procedure usable for other people tooDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-18use libs now for blockdevice stuff + some smallish shitDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-18'dieter' is now project 'ddeploy' that aims to be usable to many peopleDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-18network + svn fixesDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-14switch from dead-end 'try to be smart and clean environment first' approach t...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-12-09moving some code around to make some stuff prettierDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-09basic overridable implementation of commandline argument parsingDieter Plaetinck
2008-12-07support for "intro" worker in all proceduresDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-17new way to install unofficial modulesDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-17split up the official and unofficial todosDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-16updated HOWTO for install using packages, got rid of patch-install-cd script ...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-10infofy fix + some todos/notes addedDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-10hopefully a fix for sfdisk.. and some stupid shitDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-10die when something fails when preparing block layer stuffDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-09exit status is maintained for phases and workers. reporting added. phases a...Dieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04oops.. runtime != target. fixes for yaourt and pacmanDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04bugfix for yaourt installingDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04first version of yaourt lib + use it in dieter moduleDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04also enabled community repoDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04also use extra repo for dieterDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04fix for select_source + some tidyingDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04more cleaner disk stuffDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04more failsafe disk editing in dieters scriptDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04some cleanups in dieters automatic procedureDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-04fixes for cleaner package installationDieter Plaetinck
2008-11-03clearer separation of unofficial stuff + doesnt get installed by defaultDieter Plaetinck