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+ Arch Linux
+ Installation and Live-CDs
+ ----------------------------
+All images give you a live console environment in which you can do
+a manual or automatic installation and which can be used as maintenance and rescue systems.
+All iso files can also be written to hard disks/usbkeys.
+Netinstall images are the preferred install media for Arch Linux.
+You can always get up to date packages using these media.
+Core images contain a snapshot of the core repository, which makes them ideal
+for offline installations when no Internet access is available
+to install the base system. (you can do a netinstall with these also)
+Both come in i686, x86_64 or dual variant. The latter contains both and lets you choose
+an architecture at boot.
+How to obtain and use these installation images:
+Torrents are preferred (they are webseed enabled), but you can also just get the images
+from an Arch mirror.
+The Official Arch Linux Install Guide gives you more info:
+More info / getting in touch:
+Happy installing!
+Happy ARCHing!
+- Arch Linux Release Engineering team