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developmentadd fsd search scriptbill-auger2 years
masterremove packages that depend perl-data-dumperDavid P7 hours
old-masterblacklist.txt: touch up some descriptionsLuke Shumaker6 years
pyqt5bugfix/refactor chech.shbill-auger17 months
ref-and-idAdd more refs randomly looking on the FSF page.Michał Masłowski6 years
wiki-post[find_fsd_pages]: add fsd search scriptbill-auger4 months
wip-2020-03-14update docsbill-auger4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-14update docswip-2020-03-14bill-auger
2020-03-14delete aur blacklistbill-auger
2020-03-14fix broken fieldsbill-auger
2020-03-14use ! as field separatorbill-auger
2020-03-14fix unknown refs and tagsbill-auger
2020-03-14add dedicated field for reason tagbill-auger
2020-03-14refactor and add validations for refsbill-auger
2020-03-14[report] refactor report script for per-file operation and reportsbill-auger
2020-03-14[report]: add report scriptbill-auger
2018-01-20.gitignore as whitelistbill-auger