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remove sopcast
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@@ -636,7 +636,6 @@ smplayer:smplayer:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree smtube optional installati
smtube::::[semifree] uses as SaaSS (Service as a Software Substitute) and also it collects user information and uses Google Analytics ->
snes9x-gtk::::[nonfree] depends on nonfree package faac and the core of snes9x-gtk is snes9x under snes9x license
snes9x::::[nonfree] noncommercial software
-sopcast::::[nonfree] forbids commercial use
soundkonverter:soundkonverter:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree faac and mac optional installation
sqlite-doc::::[FIXME:description] portions of the documentation and some code used as part of the build process might fall under other licenses. The details here are unclear. We do not worry about the licensing of the documentation and build code so much because none of these things are part of the core deliverable SQLite library
steam-native-runtime::::[uses-nonfree] only useful with nonfree steam