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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ Note: These steps are the general workflow, you can skip some of them,
using another filesystem if your bootloader supports it,
installing to another directory than "arch/" or using more than
one partition. Just ensure that main boot params options
- (archisolabel= and archisobasedir=) are set correctly according to your setup.
+ (parabolaisolabel= and parabolaisobasedir=) are set correctly according to your setup.
<DEV-TARGET>: Device node of the drive where ISO contents should be copied
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ Note: Using here a GPT partition mode as example, but MBR should also works
4) Extract ISO image on target filesystem.
-# bsdtar -x --exclude=isolinux/ --exclude=EFI/archiso/ --exclude=arch/boot/syslinux/ -f <ISO-SOURCE> -C <MNT-TARGET-N>
+# bsdtar -x --exclude=isolinux/ --exclude=EFI/parabolaiso/ --exclude=arch/boot/syslinux/ -f <ISO-SOURCE> -C <MNT-TARGET-N>
5) Unmount target filesystem.
# umount <MNT-TARGET-N>