path: root/parabolaiso/initcpio
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-02sync with archisoDavid P
2021-07-06sync with archiso v55v55David P
2021-05-01sync with archisov53David P
2021-03-14sync with archisoDavid P
2021-02-21sync with archisov51David P
2020-09-03set parabolaisobasedir and dm_snap_prefix to parabola by default in parabolai...David P
2020-08-11sync with archisoDavid P
2020-08-01sync mkparabolaiso and initcpios with archiso v46David P
2018-07-17Release parabolaiso-v36v36David P
2018-05-16modify entire source according to archiso32David P
2013-09-02Replace: "arch" -> "parabola"Esteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Replace: archiso -> parabolaisoEsteban Carnevale
2013-09-02Replace string in all filenames: archiso -> parabolaisoEsteban Carnevale