tag namev48 (591b58a8536a483052ce9400a90b59e6e58217d6)
tag date2020-09-29 15:02:31 -0300
tagged byDavid P <>
tagged objectcommit ac1e3b9deb...
archiso: * use default reflector service * prevent overwriting existing files with skeletons (FS#67729) * use mtools instead of mounting a FAT filesystem * use default initramfs name(s) and allow multiple kernels * unify paths in use in iso9660 and FAT * modularize syslinux configuration (per kernel) * generically calculate size required for efiboot.img * fix info output for legacy commands parabolaiso: * improve refind config files * multiple typo fixes * add missing SPDX identifiers * remove your-initfreedom from package list -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAABCgAdFiEEbbnEtPDYwNxDLPbkInynxVayungFAl9zd+MACgkQInynxVay ungAUwf/RT3jRUhQAeYXgBO/MIoaTSNq6OiZRw/ctKij67TikhE2rzOKbtM4nttb 2PvKhRT2qZyapoZR0xORhL+r2QAWCKsvx4z1ZgthuOkFBRRP/rtAeQ3LrCCv+CxB G5lqAh5M3lWZT21rHtHW4vd8ZEJSsjc8fsCY11tiu/Ub8N5ZgKjIa7q0cW0veB8J uzw0FWtD+cTmtS0eQMP/Q0/N/ZV0HbaLgn5ewapGIFo9q+KzuAGw6laX14TqAJLa TvYPXPMY+cuA8cywe7JW/MCVvgUL7D113OUkTeFmsMqFu4S+2z4ls/yBWve1y+kA cQEI9AYXaIDVdVVI8TsyDVCukdn8jw== =4OYl -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----