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@@ -37,8 +37,7 @@ $messages = array(
'tog-editsection' => 'Enable section editin via [edit] airtins',
'tog-editsectiononrightclick' => 'Enable section editin bi richt-dabbin on section teitles (JavaScript)',
'tog-showtoc' => 'Shaw table o contents (for pages wi mair nor 3 heidins)',
-'tog-rememberpassword' => 'Mynd password ower sessions',
-'tog-editwidth' => 'Edit box haes fou weenth',
+'tog-rememberpassword' => 'Mynd password ower sessions (for a maximum of $1 {{PLURAL:$1|day|days}})',
'tog-watchcreations' => 'Add pages ye mak tar yer watchleet',
'tog-watchdefault' => 'Add pages ye edit tae yer watchleet',
'tog-watchmoves' => 'Eik pages A move tae ma watchleet',
@@ -176,21 +175,15 @@ $messages = array(
'faqpage' => 'Project:ASQ',
# Vector skin
-'vector-action-delete' => 'Delete',
-'vector-action-move' => 'Flit',
-'vector-action-protect' => 'Fend',
-'vector-namespace-category' => 'Category',
-'vector-namespace-image' => 'File',
-'vector-namespace-main' => 'Page',
-'vector-namespace-mediawiki' => 'Message',
-'vector-namespace-template' => 'Template',
-'vector-namespace-user' => 'Uiser page',
-'vector-view-create' => 'Mak',
-'vector-view-edit' => 'Edit',
-'vector-view-history' => 'See history',
-'vector-view-viewsource' => 'View soorce',
-'actions' => 'Actions',
-'namespaces' => 'Namespaces',
+'vector-action-delete' => 'Delete',
+'vector-action-move' => 'Flit',
+'vector-action-protect' => 'Fend',
+'vector-view-create' => 'Mak',
+'vector-view-edit' => 'Edit',
+'vector-view-history' => 'See history',
+'vector-view-viewsource' => 'View soorce',
+'actions' => 'Actions',
+'namespaces' => 'Namespaces',
'errorpagetitle' => 'Error',
'returnto' => 'Return tae $1.',
@@ -393,7 +386,7 @@ Mynd an chynge yer [[Special:Preferences|{{SITENAME}} preferences]].',
'yourname' => 'Yer uiser name',
'yourpassword' => 'Passwaird:',
'yourpasswordagain' => 'Retype passwaird:',
-'remembermypassword' => 'Mynd ma password across sessions.',
+'remembermypassword' => 'Mynd ma password across sessions (for a maximum of $1 {{PLURAL:$1|day|days}})',
'yourdomainname' => 'Yer domain:',
'externaldberror' => "Aither the wis an external authenteication database mishanter, or ye'r no alloued tae update yer external accoont.",
'login' => 'Log in',
@@ -565,7 +558,7 @@ Yer block ID is $5. Please include this ID in ony argies ye mak.',
'userjsyoucanpreview' => "'''Tip:''' Uise the 'Show preview' button tae proof yer new JS afore savin.",
'usercsspreview' => "'''Mynd that ye'r juist previewin yer uiser CSS, it haesna yet been hained!'''",
'userjspreview' => "'''Mynd that ye're juist testin/previewing yer uiser JavaScript; it haesna been hained yet!'''",
-'userinvalidcssjstitle' => "'''Warnin:''' There isnae a skin \"\$1\". Mynd that yer ain .css an .js pages uise a lowercase teetle, e.g. {{ns:user}}:Foo/monobook.css instead o {{ns:user}}:Foo/Monobook.css.",
+'userinvalidcssjstitle' => "'''Warnin:''' There isnae a skin \"\$1\". Mynd that yer ain .css an .js pages uise a lowercase teetle, e.g. {{ns:user}}:Foo/vector.css instead o {{ns:user}}:Foo/Vector.css.",
'updated' => '(Updatit)',
'note' => "'''Mynd:'''",
'previewnote' => "'''Mynd that this is juist a scance-ower, an haesna been hained yet!'''",
@@ -600,7 +593,6 @@ Gin ye dinna want yer writin tae be editit athoot mercy and redistribute at will
YYe'r promisin us forbye that ye wrat this yersel, or copied it frae a
public domain or siclike free resoorce (see $1 for details).
-'longpagewarning' => "WARNIN: This page is $1 kilobytes lang; some brousers micht hae trouble editin pages approachin or langer nor 32 kb. Please conseider brakkin the page intae smaa'er sections.",
'longpageerror' => "'''ERROR: The text ye hae submitted is $1 kilobytes
lang, an that's langer than the maximum of $2 kilobytes. It canna be hained.'''",
'readonlywarning' => "WARNIN: The database haes been lockit for maintenance, sae ye'll no can hain yer edits richt nou. Ye micht wish tae cut-n-paste the text intil a text file an hain it for later.",
@@ -751,6 +743,7 @@ there micht be parteeculars in the [{{fullurl:{{#Special:Log}}/suppress|page={{F
'resultsperpage' => 'Hits tae shaw per page',
'contextlines' => 'Lines tae shaw per hit',
'contextchars' => 'Characters o context per line',
+'stub-threshold-disabled' => 'Tuckie',
'recentchangescount' => 'Nummer o teitles in recent chynges',
'savedprefs' => 'Yer preferences haes been hained.',
'timezoneoffset' => 'Affset',
@@ -1347,7 +1340,7 @@ In the saicont case ye can uise an airtin forbye, for exemplar [[{{#Special:Expo
# Media information
'mediawarning' => "'''Warnin''': This file micht haud mislushious code; bi executin it yer seestem micht be compromised.",
'imagemaxsize' => 'Limit eimages on eimage description pages tae:',
-'file-info-size' => '($1 × $2 pixels, file size: $3, MIME type: $4)',
+'file-info-size' => '$1 × $2 pixels, file size: $3, MIME type: $4',
# Special:NewFiles
'newimages' => 'Gallery o new files',