BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
efistash - efibill-auger2 years
mastersync with archiso v48David P4 weeks
rebase-arch32-dual-v39squashme - housekeepingbill-auger23 months
unified[wizard]: add debugging mocksbill-auger12 months
v58commit 8f2aee0a12...David P4 weeks
v57commit f95bbcacb4...David P7 weeks
v56.1commit f8233e405b...David P2 months
v56commit b121012e2b...David P2 months
v55commit 50b2b4e56a...David P2 months
v54commit 47dd6e46e5...David P3 months
v53commit 79b988553b...David P5 months
v52commit 8d2c3a55a1...David P5 months
v50commit ce23b5ac79...David P7 months
v51commit 2f6f116d55...David P7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-02sync with archisov50David P
2020-11-18add fatresize, gpart and tmux to missing profilesDavid P
2020-11-18update Makefile, sync with archisoDavid P
2020-11-13[archiso] Use better xz optionsDavid P
2020-11-05sync with archiso v49v49David P
2020-10-24run_parabolaiso: fixup !86Alexander Epaneshnikov
2020-10-24sync with archisoDavid P
2020-10-10add sound support in run_parabolaiso.shAlexander Epaneshnikov
2020-10-10Add Contribute section to READMEDavid P
2020-10-07sync with archiso, add _run_dual functionDavid P